HOLY COW! IT'S 2019! WOO!!

I cannot believe that 2018 is already come and gone. A lot happened for me in 2018; I graduated from Northern Arizona University, moved back down to Phoenix, got an internship with Joel Grimes that then turned into a full-time position, created my LLC, and now moving into my first office! I could not be more grateful.

Now, this year did not come without it's challenges. There were quite a few downs as well as ups. There were plenty of times where I doubted myself and my skills. There were times where I didn't feel like I was cut out for this industry. Being a photographer/videographer requires putting yourself and your art out there to be judged, and sometimes people are not too kind. But after each moment of doubt, I learned something new. It can be hard to just dive head first into this job, but it is also extremely rewarding to do what you love doing every day!

I look forward to what 2019 will bring for my work. Before 2018 ended, I worked on 3 videos for Russell Preston Brown from Adobe Softwares and cannot wait to share those with you all.

I just had my first shoot in my new office and it was a lot of fun!

If you're not already following me on there, you can check out my IG at @wyattruttphoto. Follow to see BTS of photoshoots, editing, and more!

Thank you ALL for your support!! Happy New Year!!

- Wyatt